By TreeLiving More and more people are joining the environmental movement and so the world of technology has gone green as well. If you use smartphones and digital tablets and feel tempted to download applications for games, music, conversions, maps and a host of other things, check out these apps that help you adopt a more eco friendly lifestyle: 1. Green Genie – For those looking for ways to go green, t his app suggests more than 100 projects to do just that. This app, which can be found on iTunes, also has a glossary of green terms and a library of essential reading on sustainability. Now that’s eco tech! 2. Good Guide- This free app on iTunes showcases sustainable products and features a bar code scanner to check the environmental impact of a products before you actually purchase them. The app’s database has over 70,000 ratings in categories ranging from personal care products to toys. 3. Locavore- If you prefer buying organic products and seasonal fruits/vegetables this one is for you. This eco tech app helps you locate the closest farms selling your favorite products. It also gives you one click access to thousands of healthy recipes that you can share with family and friends. 4. Carbon Tracker – This green app uses GPS to calculate your carbon footprint based on your traveling. You can use it to chart your carbon emission changes per month and set goals to reduce them. The app tracks emissions by cars, bikes, trains and aircrafts. 5. Green Outlet – Making conscious efforts to reduce your electricity efforts? This app will prove useful! The app estimates your electricity bill (and carbon foot print) based on the appliances that you use. You can also check a breakdown to see how much each appliance is costing you in terms of power usage. 6. Get Green – Also an app available through iTunes, this offers relevant green tips and also tailors them to the season. Its USP is that it does not offer you any advice that is not relevant to the season that you set it for. So there will be no ‘gardening tips’ in winter when you really want to know ‘eco friendly ways to keep the house warm’. 7. Fooducate – This eco tech app lets you make healthy and informed decisions while buying groceries at the supermarket. Just scan your food and the app generates a letter grade (A, B, C, or D) for it along with explanations and warnings about its nutrients and ingredients. 8. Green Charging – You need to charge your smartphone and iPad almost everyday but why overcharge it? This app makes your phone vibrate and sound an alarm when it’s fully charged to save energy. 9. Green Meter – This smart app tracks your vehicle's fuel and power efficiency and also helps to evaluate how you can drive to maximize its efficiency. 10. Ecorio – Similar to Carbon Tracker, it tracks your carbon foot print based on your traveling. It eventually helps you reduce your carbon footprint when you set required goals. Use these eco tech apps on your devices and you can be more pro active in saving the environment.

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