There seems to be a duality that exists recently among man and nature. The planet as we say is our mother, but we can also be mother to the earth. Many of us have awaken our social consciousness to the fact that we can no longer selfishly be mothered by the earth.

We can’t all be blind to the fact that our modern lives are built around using unsustainable, non-biodegradable and depleting resources; resources that need to be preserved or changed now to avoid more catastrophic disasters. Mother Earth has also reached a point where it needs to be babied.

Innocent of its growing pains and geological changes, we can view our planet as an ever growing child. Mother Earth needs a mother, not an infant pulling its hair and vomiting on its shoulder. For Instance, the recent tsunami disaster in Japan is both a natural occurrence and an unnatural disaster. A combination of when an act of ‘God’ is combined with the folly of man. Realistically, we at TreeLiving don’t have the resources, expertise or manpower to help alleviate Japan’s power plant crisis ourselves or prevent the escape of radioactive material into our environment. That being said, the power we do possess is over ourselves and our decisions to dispel as many toxins from our environment as possible.

We can spread an environmental consciousness that helps reduce our impact on the planet. Of course, we also provide links that allow you to donate to recovery efforts through the Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief fund. The troubles in Japan should awake us all to the massive ecological debt we are all falling into. Now might be a good time to remind everyone of the not so far off BP oil spill that exposed our oceans to a heart breaking amount of oil. We are all without green credits to charge our toxic build up onto. We live in an age where we cannot take resources without giving back to the planet. So when it comes to being green, are you a “mama’s boy,” depleting mother earth or are you a responsible environmental citizen. We can still enjoy the love that nature has to offer, but being abusive and spoiled with regards to our planet is no longer acceptable. That’s the global green consciousness we are trying spread at TreeLiving.

Here at TreeLiving, our goal is not to be green for green’s sake, but to create the healthiest world we can through educating ourselves and others on how to reduce the amount of toxins exposed to our bodies, minds and planet. We are growing, we are learning and we won’t stop until the revolution is aired. Peaceful, non-toxic sustainable living is achievable and we need you to help us all get there. Thank you for your support. Watch out for new green shows and a new TreeLiving facebook game coming soon to the web. Stay Green.

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