Ke$ha wants you to lay off birds for their feathers, y’all. No joke! There’s a ton of stuff just laying out there that you can recycle into your accessories and still be animal friendly. Bones, feathers and the like. In a series of tweets, the singer asked her followers to start looking at more eco-friendly options, like she does!

Ke$ha’s first tweet read, “im hearing about roosters that have been plucked and hurt or even killed for thier feathers…” This news seemed to distress her, so her next tweet followed with, “i’d love to give u guys my own personal feather contact. she’s totally animal friendly + recycles bones + feathers to make all my accessories.” And she really did!

The details are on Ke$ha’s twitter account, if you’d like to be birds of the same feather! Now, if you can get past all the “bones” spiel, it’s really quite nice of her to be so considerate to chickens and so on. But considering that she’s also — how to put this politely — weird, her next tweet made us shake our heads in plain bewilderment. Ke$ha tweeted, “i recycle bodyparts. im looking at all my crazybeautiful fans teeth right now!! i got a box of em and ive never been so excited !!!” Human teeth… yay?

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