Hurricane Sandy is hitting the northwest coast of US and it is threatening to paralyze almost all services for at least two days in the region. But apart from flooding and power outages, hurricanes also produce serious effects on the environment. 

The high winds of a hurricane of these characteristics can damage trees and completely destro y a forest ecosystem. Floods cause erosion which also damages the natural habitat and impacts especially in animals, which are deprived of food.

The destruction of urban infrastructure seriously affects the economic situation of entire regions. In addition, the population is exposed to health risks due to the fast spread of diseases.

It is essential to act quickly in these kinds of situations. Below this article you will find a list of important links to bookmark if necessary.

Could Hurricane Sandy be the result of climate change? Yes. Sandy is another good reason to raise awareness about climate change. Although we can''t say climate change caused a storm, the characteristics of this particular hurricane fit the general pattern of natural disasters due to the high temperatures our planet is experiencing.

Important: Hurricane Emergency Information | Evacuation Zone Finder | Map with evacuation info

Image courtesy: NOAA

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