Most people have homes that are bursting with electrical goods and things that run on batteries. A lot of them we simply can’t live without, like refrigerators, washing machines, cell-phones, TVs and music players. Some are probably just fun gadgets that unnecessarily consume energy. Saving energy means taking a good look around your home at the devices that guzzle energy an d seeing how you can limit your energy usage, with the help of the latest eco-technology.

There are lots of well-known ways to save energy. If buying new appliances, go for the lowest energy consumers. Even TVs are now made to use minimal energy. Use low energy light bulbs and rechargeable batteries. Use a two slice toaster instead of a four slice model if you’re only making one or two slices of toast. Check your appliances, including vacuum cleaners, to see if there’s an energy-saving setting. Get to know how it all works – for example, it may come as a surprise to you that ordinary dimmer switches on your lights don’t actually reduce energy consumption at all.

As well as doing all the sensible things, like switching off lights when you’re not in the room, there are energy-saving devices and gadgets on the market that can help you take cutting down your power consumption even further. One of the household gadgets that use more energy than you might realise is the humble kettle. Eco kettles allow you to boil just one cup of water if that’s what you need. You can also get low energy espresso machines that also allow you to save energy when making small quantities. While you’re making it, why not tune into a wind-up radio?

Cell phones are a notorious energy waster, since they go on using electricity even when the phone is charged. It’s easy to forget to unplug it, but for a few dollars a special energy-saving adaptor will cut off the power for you when charging is complete. If you’re on the move and in the sunshine, there are are a variety of available solar gadgets to charge your phone at no cost to you or the environment. Other solar-powered stuff can be handy and fun, including outdoor lights. Other lanterns and flashlights that are cheap to run include the wind-up kind, as well as low energy LED lights.

It’s not just adults who need to get into energy-saving devices. Check out kids toys that run with dynamos or with solar power. The novelty factor will engage them as well as alerting them to the way that energy works (and runs out). For teenagers and adults, wind-up and solar powered media players, including MP3 and 4 players, is a great gift too! In fact the creative minds that have gone into these eco-technology products have also produced plenty more, for all ages, activities and rooms in the home.

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