The mattress is perhaps the most important element in your bedroom. A soft and comfortable mattress is highly desirable to relax the body and get a good night’s sleep. But, before choosing a mattress that you would love to plunge in, it is very important to take into account the materials that have gone into making them to ensure that they are not just plush but also completely safe for your health, as well as for the planet.

Over a billion mattresses are manufactured and sold to consumers around the world every year. Most of these conventional mattresses are produced from a host of man-made materials derived from petrochemicals, which are non renewable resources that are depleting at an alarming rate. The amount of fossil fuels we have already used up across the decades is lost forever. This leaves us with very little to hold on to and cherish. Small measures such as choosing eco-friendly mattresses over conventional ones can be a big step towards sustaining the environment.

Conventional mattresses can also be extremely detrimental to your physical health. Mattresses made from petrochemicals and natural gas are sprayed with toxic pesticides, fertilizers and fungicides as well as harmful stain repellants, flame retardants and water. Additionally, some may also contain springs made from recycled steel, which further indicates the presence of other heavy metals and contaminants produced during the recycling process. These compounds can wreak havoc on your health. These are but a few reasons why you must discard the idea of buying a conventional mattress, even if it looks plush and feels very comfortable. Every time you buy a conventional mattress, remember that it can have a long term ill-effect on your health and can also lead to a number of chronic diseases. Plus, it further robs the earth of its rare natural resources.

Eco friendly mattresses on the other hand are produced from 100% organic materials such as organic cotton, organic wool and natural latex that do not undergo a heavy spray of harmful pesticides and synthetic fungicides. This helps them to be absolutely safe for everyone. Their natural properties do not render any toxic damage to those who use them. The materials used in making eco friendly mattresses allow proper air circulation and do not trap moisture, unlike their conventional counterparts. Thus, they are immune to dust mites and microbial growth. Plus, organic cotton and wool add to their softness and make them extremely comfortable to lie on.

There are several other reasons why you should choose eco friendly mattresses. Most of the materials used to manufacture eco friendly mattresses are produced through the process of eco farming, which in turn helps to combat the glaring problem of global warming. Plus, by choosing to buy eco friendly mattresses, you also show your support to these rare, niche industries that thrive on cultivating organic cotton, organic wool and natural latex and help them to roll in improved revenues.

Eco friendly mattresses are devoid of any chemical fabric treatments, artificial colors or dyes and this makes them the preferred choice over conventional mattresses.

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