As part of a campaign to increase the use of clean energy in the US, the White House has announced that solar panels and a solar water heater will be installed on the building roof.

The announcement follows a series of administration initiatives to raise awareness about the necessity to switch to clean energy, including financial programs and tax reductions for those who take the big step.

The goal of this decision is to improve the overall energy efficiency of the building and demonstrate that even older historic buildings can incorporate solar and other energy efficiency upgrades.

“As we move toward a clean energy economy, the White House will lead the example. It’s been a long time since we’ve had them up there”, a source said.

The government also announced that there will be an improvement of outdoor lighting by replacing more than 500,000 lighting poles in towns and cities across the country.

Over the next three years, there will be more upgrades in federal buildings which will be financed with a budget of $2 billion.

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