Campaign to Expand Connections and Support for Environmental awareness through Sponsorship Program

LOS ANGELES, CA – June 28, 2011 – BARBAR, a leader in premium hair care products launches its sponsorship program on the environmental conscious website to support the ongoing green message through using eco-friendly hair dryers equipped with ceramic heating elements that emit low radiation on the head and use far less energy than standard dryers equipped with coil heating elements.

BARBAR will be helping to spread the green message with a special product giveaway in “Mia’s Show”, a web series featuring a girl learning to change herself and the world around her. BARBAR will also be featured in an episode on “My Green Life”, where our lovely Rocio brings a fresh and green look to all aspects of life.

“As a leader in developing new hair care solutions, I can say that the demand for ‘greener’ products that are less harsh and detrimental to one’s hair and scalp have been off the charts the past decade. Immediately I was inclined to listen to Mia’s advice due to her thick, luxurious hair, the pertinent sound advice she gave only cemented my initial impression.” Explained Dominic Barbar, Founder of BARBAR.

A leader in superior, durable & eco-friendly hair products, BARBAR, Inc. is based in Beverly Hills, CA and has been in operation since 2000. With over 20 years of experience as a former stylist, the company’s founder, Dominic Barbar, has applied his years of technical know-how to turn his passion into reality by creating a premium line of hair care products that simplify the hair stylist’s job.

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