Eco Company Signs on as Official Sponsor for Social-Conscious Jewelry Brand’s  International Day of Peace Charity Event.

LOS ANGELES, CA – September 15, 2010 – Tree Living, a new online source for information on environmental issues and “green” living is teaming up with revolutionary jewelry line, Bullets 4 Peace, to officially sponsor a premier gala event and after-party on September 21st in honor of International Peace Day (Peace Day). The event, held at the W Hotel Hollywood, will bring top artists and communities together to support a number of charities and promote a unified message of peace and solidarity in the world.
“Bullets 4 Peace spreads a message of peace and love in a truly unique and innovative way which makes them a perfect partner for our company,” said Matt Tennison, Tree Home Media’s VP of Marketing. “We are honored to lend our support to the Peace Day gala and be a part of the larger message of peace around the world.”

Kicking off at 8:00 PM at the W Hotel in Hollywood, CA, Bullets 4 Peace’s Peace Day gala will include a white carpet and VIP cocktail reception, eye-catching and celebrity-filled fashion show showcasing the jewelry line’s 2011 Spring collection, an eclectic lineup of great musicians including the “Voice of Tibet,” Yungchen Lahmo, as well as many other surprises on hand.  VIP tickets are available for purchase by sending an email to and proceeds will benefit a number of charities including Raising Malawi, Kids Creating Peace, Safe Passage, Operation Smile and more.

“It’s great that a company such as Tree Living is in sync with our message and is lending their support to our Peace Day gala,” added Rafi Anteby, CEO for Bullets 4 Peace. “With Tree Living’s help, the Peace Day event is on course to become our largest charity fundraiser to date, raising more money than ever for our chosen charities and helping to fuel efforts for peace globally.”
Bullets 4 Peace recycles bullet casings used in war zones, streets and from other troubled areas around the world and transforms them into beautiful jewelry pieces to promote peace and compassion. Proceeds support various charity organizations through the company’s “Every Bullet Has a Target” program. The jewelry line has drawn the attention of many influential people from around the world including A-list athletes, actors, musicians, politicians and more.

The International Day of Peace (Peace Day) was formed by the United Nations in 1981 to provide individuals, organizations and nations an opportunity to create practical acts of peace on a shared date. The first Peace Day was celebrated in September 1982. Then in 2002, September 21st was officially declared as the permanent date for the International Day of Peace.

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About Bullets 4 Peace
Bullets 4 Peace evolved as a way for designer, Rafi Anteby to deal with the violence of life and his dreams for a more peaceful world free of war and hatred. He understood how bullets were tearing apart people’s lives and destroying families in all parts of the world. One night, unable to sleep, Rafi sat at his drawing table and created the first design in his Bullets 4 Peace collection later known as the, “Let Peace Out” bullet.  Bullets 4 Peace recycling of an item of destruction, and transforming into a beautiful piece of art, relays the incredible and important message of Peace that needs to be spread around the world, from person to person, one bullet at a time.

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Tree Living, a new online source for information on environmental issues and “green” living is teaming up with Bullets 4 Peace to officially sponsor a premier gala event and after-party on September 21st in honor of International Peace Day.