BOULDER, COLO.—May 18, 2011—GE (NYSE: GE) today announced it has introduced a portable SieversTM 5310 C Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer as the company expands its technologies

to help municipal water system operators more closely monitor and protect drinking water supplies.

The Sievers 5310 C Portable TOC Analyzerrong> is the first to be specifically designed for the municipal water market. The technology enables in-field, continuous monitoring of raw and finished water TOC levels for optimization of plant processes such as coagulant addition, finished drinking water monitoring for disinfection byproducts control and distribution security monitoring.

The portable instrument is the third in a series of GE’s Sievers 5310 C TOC Analyzers, joining separate laboratory and online models that also were developed by GE’s water and process technologies/analytics instruments division in Boulder, Colo., (

TOC monitoring is required by the Environmental Protection Agency as part of the “Stage 1 Disinfectants/Disinfection Byproducts (DBP) Rule” since DBPs form from the interaction of TOC and a disinfectant in water. DBPs in water have been shown to cause cancer over many years of exposure.

The new unit has the flexibility to run online in a municipal plant or with an autosampler in a laboratory. It was designed specifically for municipal water plants, engineering companies, universities and research facilities. The Sievers 5310 C Portable TOC Analyzer offers excellent accuracy and precision; automated features to improve productivity; the portability to measure TOC anywhere in a facility; ease of operation and maintenance and a lower cost of ownership since it does not require the use of external reagents or gas supplies.

“Our new Sievers 5310 C Portable TOC Analyzer gives operators yet another important tool in their arsenal to help meet Environmental Protection Agency and other requirements for monitoring global drinking water supplies,” said Michael Routh, general manager, analytical instruments—water and process technologies for GE Power & Water.

Offering superior accuracy and precision across a dynamic operating range (between four parts per billion and 50 parts per million TOC), GE’s portable analyzer uses accurate, reliable Sievers membrane conductometric technology for measuring TOC.

New ICR Introduced

GE also is offering a newly enhanced inorganic carbon remover (ICR) system for use with its 900 and 5310 C series of TOC analyzers. The ICR reduces inorganic carbon levels in sample streams with high inorganic carbon/total organic carbon (or “IC/TOC”) ratios to produce more accurate TOC results. Designed to offer a longer consumable life and lower operating costs, GE’s new ICR uses approximately 50 percent less acid than its predecessor.

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