If you have ever had the awful discovery of finding a bird collided into your window or patio door, then you know how bad that feels. If not, you are likely to be more than willing to investigate how to make windows safe for birds.

Once you realize how sad it is when a bird hits your window, you will want to take action right away and learn how to make windows safe for birds.

Most homeowners do not realize that learning how to make windows safe for birds is something that is proactive. You do not have to wait until it happens to you in order to take action.

First of all, recognize that birds are not flying into your windows simply because they are clean and clear. Birds more often than not believe that the reflections showing up in those patio doors and windows are the reflection of a continuum of trees and sky. They actually see the reflection of nature in your glass windows and doors.

There are several ways to learn how to make windows safe for birds.


CollidEscape is a wonderful and innovative technology that is probably one of the best solutions to stop birds from flying into your windows.

CollidEscape is a preventative measure that covers your windows and offers many benefits.

• You can see clearly outside while the outside makes windows visible to birds
• Comes tinted or in decorative style
• Ease of use
• Offers privacy and security for your home and your loved ones

The creators of CollidEscape truly see the value of their product to both the wildlife and the homeowner.

Outdoor Solutions

There are a couple of other options to stop birds from colliding into your windows and patio doors.

• Install a set of old-fashioned shutters to the outside of your windows and close them when and where possible.
• Sometimes an awning or overhang provides just enough shade so that birds cannot see the image or reflection of trees and sky that reflect from your glass.
• Decals, stickers, etchings, and tape are also useful as preventative measures. Some decals and etchings add to the beauty on the exterior of your home. These etchings are customizable, as well, and can effectively add beauty and alleviate the issue at hand.

Indoor Solutions

Two of the best things to do also occur from inside your home.

• Close your draperies or blinds to deflect the glare and allow a darker shadow to fall over your windows and patio doors. This is especially helpful if you are not home during the day. Having a lack of sunshine will not negatively affect you.
• Move any kind of plants away from windowsills and patio doors as birds may see these through the reflection of the glass and be inclined to get closer.

These are just a few simple solutions that can alleviate a bigger problem.

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