It seems like Germany is one step ahead in the solar technology industry and despite not being the sunniest country in the world, they have won the world record in solar energy use.

They did not stop there: now their newest world record is located in the building of a logistics company in Frankfurt:  its roof is covered with 33,000 solar panels capable of generating 8.1 MW (enough energy to provide electricity to 1,846 homes).

The construction of the mega solar roof took only four weeks, being connected to the solar network last July. The company will avoid the emission of more than 5,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year. With the installation of this new facility, Germany is being an example in the use of renewable energy.

Although we can’t change everything that is directly affecting the planet, we can stop or at least decrease our environmental impact by making simple changes in our daily habits such as recycling and saving water whenever possible. The installation of solar panels in your house is also a good way to star living with nature and use the power of the sun to save energy.

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