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We all agree water is one of the most important natural resources and it is also one that can sometimes be hard to access. Maybe it is time to remind that to Texas authorities.

Fracking is a technique that allows for the extraction of oil or gas by pressure injection of water, sand and chemicals into the ground. Unfortunately, this practice is leaving Texas without water.

The terrible consequences of not having water for human consumption could become true in about 30 cities in Texas later this year. To beat this problem, nearly 15 million people have been living under some form of water rationing for some years now.

“We have to get floods. We need a big storm to replenish the aquifer, because if you run out of water, that’s all. You have to leave.”  Said Buck Owens, a Texas citizen.

Businesses and communities in general must think about what is more important, having water to drink or to use in fracking. There is definitely something wrong when people need to reduce the consumption of water they need to survive while the oil industry continues to consume tons of water per year. What do you think?

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