LOS ANGELES, CA – July 11, 2011 – Always ahead of the “green” curve, Treeliving.com has partnered with O3 Systems, allowing the message of ozonated water to flow into the minds of people across-the-board.

O3 Systems will be featured in an episode of “The Green Company Spotlight”, a daily feature showcasing green companies around the US as they meet and greet with TreeLiving to show off their products and services. In this episode, O3 Systems will provide a free “Ozone Blaster”, which produces ozonated water immediately. They will also be featured in an episode of “My Green Life”, in which Treeliving.com’s Rocio visits a local restaurant which has already incorporated the “Ozone Blaster” water system into their daily business activities.

“I’m always on the lookout for companies that display a thirst to manifest eco-conscious thinking into the minds of others” said Moty Ginsburg, CEO and Founder of Tree Home Media (Parent Company of Treeliving.com) “O3 Systems seems to fit that niche perfectly”
With O3 System’s featured product, the “Ozone Blaster” you will never have to purchase bottle water again. O3 Systems Inc only manufactures products which create Ozone with a patented four stage mixer on demand, producing ozonated water instantly and without mixing or waiting.

About O3 Systems
O3Systems, Inc. is dedicated to providing the profound benefits of Ozone and Negative Ion technologies. Their systems offer powerful output as well as innovative technology at very reasonable prices. Ongoing research into the environment worsening on the human body is becoming more conclusive by the day. Thousands of people are reporting the astounding benefits of their products to improve health, save money and increase energy levels.

THE O3 MISSION: O3Systems, Inc. aims to help millions of people worldwide rediscover their inner energy and good health by providing pure, high alkaline, oxygenated water and pure high energy air by harnessing the latest advances in Ozone and Negative Ion technologies. To provide products which result in life changing benefits for their customers and unlimited prosperity for their affiliates.

About Tree Home Media
Tree Home Media is a media company that produces original content for the dissemination of new ideas, concepts, information, and technologies to improve the lives of people and the world as a whole. THM’s primary mission is to inspire, inform, educate and empower the audience that wants to do something, but doesn’t know where to start.

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Director of Public Relations
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