LOS ANGELES, CA – TreeLiving.com, a new online portal providing information on environmental issues, social responsibility and “green” living sponsored a Dream Trip to Disneyland, CA for a group of children with cancer from the non-profit organization Larger than Life.

“Larger than Life” is a nonprofit organization founded in Israel 10 years ago by a group of parents of children with cancer, out of their knowledge and understanding as to the many difficulties that children with cancer and their families face on a daily basis. “Larger than Life” volunteers, supporters, and a variety of professionals strive to build new memories, as well as to provide entertainment, education, day-to-day support, a hospice volunteer program and support services and financial support for medication.

The children, who spend prolonged periods of time in hospitals isolated and often bored, were able to visit Disneyland for a day of fun. The day included breakfast, transportation, park tickets, backpacks filled with gifts and dinner for the whole group. Mia, from the social and environmental conscious TreeLiving web series “Mia’s Show”, was also there to spend time with the children and cover the fun filled day. You can watch the video on www.treeliving.com.
“Mia’s Show” is about an 11 year old girl learning to change herself and the world around her and sharing that change. The show also focuses on social issues and social responsibility that improves the betterment of all people as well as the planet.  Understanding the symbiotic relationship between mankind and the earth, “Mia’s Show” is determined to partner with and progress social causes that ease suffering and improve quality of life for everyone on the planet.
“Spending the day with these kids was a fun and beautiful experience for everyone” said Mia, host of “Mia’s Show”. “When you see these kids who have gone through so much enjoying themselves the way they did, it makes you realize that sometimes we take for granted things that are very important like family and health, and that laughter can be a powerful medicine”.

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About Larger Than Life
Larger Than Life, an Israeli nonprofit organization, aims to improve the quality of life and the welfare of children and youth with cancer and their families in Israel, regardless or faith, race, or gender. It is the largest organization in Israel of its type.

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