By Treeliving The best things in the world are free! The truth in this statement cannot be denied and even when it comes to having fun, you can enjoy yourself without spending a penny. If you are also a nature lover and like doing your bit for saving the environment, here are some tips to spend some fun time productively: Gardening – Now that spring is here, spending some time in your garden is always nic e, especially during evenings. There are so many flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs that you can grow and prune at this time. It’s a delight to watch the plants that you personally take care of, grow into blooming foliage and vegetation. This is truly a ‘green’ activity! Walk Your Pet – You take you dog for a walk around the neighbourhood everyday but when was the last time you took him to the local state park for a hike? New sights, sounds and smells will make for a great adventure for your pet and you! So go ahead and spend some quality time with your furry child this weekend. Garage Sale – If you have started with your spring cleaning, you may have come across many things that were lying unused or were just dumped in the garage. You can always find buyers for old books, magazines, furniture, toys and other goods. Organizing a garage is great for the environmental since it’s one of the best ways to reuse and recycle old items that might have ended in the land field. Nature Knowledge – If you are interested in plants, animals and ecology, this may be a nice, enjoyable green activity for you! You can get a regional plant and insect identification guide from the library in your city and learn the names of trees and small organisms in your area. Regularly looking for such info can also help you in maintaining an environmental notebook of your own which can be used to teach the kids about saving the environment. Write – This can be good for those who enjoy literature, poetry and fine arts. So sit in your garden or any natural surrounding and pen down your thoughts on a paper or even draw. There are obviously no bad environmental effects with this activity! Later, you can also update your writings online to start your own blog site. Getting feedback and comments from friends is even better! Exercise – The benefits of this physical activity can never be denied! Who does not like to stay healthy? So walk, run, jump the rope, try aerobics, yoga or any other exercise that you enjoy. You can also put on some music if you are exercising in a room or garden. Once you observe the health benefits, you will love to make it a part of your daily routine. So there is a plethora of activities that can be enjoyed without spending a penny and some of them are good for your health and the environment too!

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